Labs: Arduino

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Do Someone Else's Challenge: Digital Piano

This challenge had me do someone else's challenge, which happened to be a digital piano with a record and playback feature. The piano features 8 playable notes, a record button that lit up an LED while recording, and a playback button.
Below is a link to a video demo.

Knight Rider

The goal of this challenge was to acquaint the student with controlling inputs and outputting sound, by synchronizing the sounds and theme from Knight Rider.
Attached below is a recording of my solution.

Basic Alarm w/ Sensing and inputs

With this challenge I was tasked with making a system that set an alarm off and moved a servo when a button was pressed or when light was detected. The only problem was that I didn't have a photodetector, so I instead opted for a temperature sensor, so that once the temperature changed, the alarm sequence would go off.
Below is an image that links to a video demo of my solution.

Create - A - Challenge: Toll Booth

This challenge tasks the challenger with creating a "toll gate" system which takes in a specific passcode through some interface (like buttons), and provides feedback depending upon whether the entered code was correct. If the code was correct, it should open a gate of some form, and if it wasn't, some sort of other feedback should be provided, which in my case was a bleep, blop, and a blink.

The image below links to a video demo of my solution.

Basic Challenge

This is the first of our labs for this course. It tasked me with creating a system that made a noise when it caught a ball, and then could launch that ball at the push of the button. I achieved the first half by making a basket where the ball would be "caught". Once it hit the basket, it would cause a button to be pressed, which then sounded a tone. For the second part, I utilized a DC motor to push the ball off with a cardboard arm attached to it. This function could be controlled by another button.

Below is an image linking to a youtube video for the system.